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The EA sports meta-goal is very clear, whether it's Madden 
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Бичлэг The EA sports meta-goal is very clear, whether it's Madden
What kind of gameplay works on mobile? Games that require user input in short bursts and much more infrequently, like Match-3, Farming, Base Defense and Runners. These games instead feature "discrete gameplay" game action in short bursts which has become the dominant style of gaming on mobile. In a Match-3 game, your success or failure has nothing to do with continuous tapping - you can stare at your screen for long stretches without doing anything. Same goes with farming games in fact, staring is when most of the productivity happens here. Runner games even take away the running part, requiring users to only tap and swipe at key moments to win.

The EA sports meta-goal is very clear, whether it's Madden or NBA Live - Goldofu build the best team. You take on the role of General Manager not explicitly stated it, but that's the idea and build the "ultimate" team. If we're talking in basketball terms for NBA Live, it's literally the All-Star or dream team that you're building - not taking the current Chicago Bulls roster and turning them into champions. You are collecting the best players across the league - LeBron, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant - and putting them on one squad, your squad.

To summarize, to ably execute your strategy you must be able to use your individual units' strengths to their maximum abilities to succeed with continuous gameplay on console, but similar efforts prove futile on mobile, and select the RIGHT individual units whose talents complement your strategy. So what would a complete buy madden mobile coins product look and feel like? I do think that EA Sports has built robust systems like Live Events, Daily / Weekly Challenges, and Head to Head that can continue to work; however, it needs a strong "battle" to serve as the foundation.

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